Kickstart your day with Pumaloi—a Khasi breakfast delight. Steamed rice in a Khiew Ranei pot, served with a flavorful pork, chicken, or veggie gravy.

Jadoh, Meghalaya's street food star, combines red rice, meat, veggies, and spices. Topped with an egg or fried fish, it's a spicy twist to your taste buds.

Spice it up with Na’kam Bitchi, a Garo soup featuring special dry fish, chilies, and pepper—a fiery prelude to Meghalaya's culinary scene.

Meghalaya's momos are a treat. Non-veggies enjoy chicken or pork-filled dumplings, while vegetarians savor veggie momos at hotspots like ML 05 Cafe and House of Momo.

Tungrymbai, a Khasi delicacy, offers sautéed fermented soybeans, pork, ginger, garlic, and local herbs. A rich, flavorful journey paired perfectly with hot rice.

Sweeten your day with Pukhlein, a crispy bread made with rice powder and jaggery. A highlight of the Wangala Festival, best enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee.

Raise a toast with Kyat, Meghalaya's fermented rice party drink. Boiled to perfection, garnished with local flavors, and available at hotspots throughout Shillong.

For pork enthusiasts, Doh-Khlieh is a must-try salad. A flavorful experience at Trattoria in Police Bazar, Shillong.

Savor Sakin Gata, a rice cake with layers of rice and roasted sesame seeds. A nutty delight found in local sweet shops—a treasure in Meghalayan thalis.

Meghalaya's culinary journey is a quick dive into bold flavors and simple delights. Let the spices, meats, and sweets of this land paint your palate with unforgettable experiences.