Savor smoked pork, chilli flakes, and indigenous pepper in this Sema/Sumi district delight.

Delight in Akibeye's spicy allure with Colocasia roots and mustard leaves.

Fish Cooked in Bamboo - Culinary Adventure

Experience the unique flavor of Fish Cooked in Bamboo, a luscious Naga tradition.

Indulge in Galho's heartwarming mix of rice, greens, and smoked pork.

Enjoy the simplicity of Hinkejvu—a daily delight with boiled veggies.

Indulge in the savory delight of Naga Pork Curry, a blend of garlic, chilies, and bamboo shoots.

Treat your sweet tooth to Black Sticky Rice Pudding's harmonious notes.

Rosep Aon - Vegetable Melody

Experience Zutho, Nagaland's traditional local beer from sprouted rice grains.

Conclude this journey through Nagaland's culinary wonders, marveling at the flavors, spices, and traditions that define Naga cuisine—a true reflection of rich cultural heritage. Nagaland's culinary delights are an exploration of tradition, taste, and the vibrant spirit of this hidden gem in India.