Embark on a journey to the jewel nestled amidst the Himalayas in South Sikkim. Established in 1969, this tea garden is known globally for its exceptional brews.

Donyi Polo Tea Estate (Arunachal Pradesh

Venture east to Arunachal Pradesh, where the mighty Namcha Barwa watches over the tea gardens on the Siang River's banks. It's a land steeped in history and flavor.

Moving west to Assam's Moran District, discover a century-old sprawling estate spanning 534 hectares, celebratead for its unmatched tea production.

Explore Manipur's lush green Nillai Tea Estate, known for its natural tea processing methods. Here, the real flavor emerges after the second boil, making it truly distinctive.

In the misty hills of Meghalaya, find the Lakyrsiew Tea Estate, rekindling a 19th-century vision. It crafts teas that echo the land's character.

Journey to South Tripura's Ludhua Tea Estate, where the Feni River weaves a natural boundary. Immerse yourself in the tea-picking experience and the region's unique culture.

Mangalam Tea Estate (Assam

Amidst Assam's Sivasagar district, Mangalam Tea Estate unfolds its unique charm. With closely planted tea bushes covering 118 hectares, it produces a smoother, distinguished tea.

Further into Assam, in the Udalguri district, lies Corramore Tea Estate, embraced by the Bodoland Territorial Region of Northeastern India. Founded in the 1860s, it boasts a rich legacy.

Nestled within Assam's heart, the Gatoonga Tea Estate reveals its lush beauty. Covering acres of fertile land, it captures the essence of Assam's tea heritage.