Embark on an epic quest to spot the elusive Red Panda, the guardian of Namdapha National Park, a biodiversity hotspot. With a local guide, trek through lush rainforests to Lisu Village in search of this mysterious creature.

Experience the enchanting fusion of music and nature at the Ziro Music Festival, nestled among picturesque valleys and mountains. Don't miss this annual September extravaganza; secure your tickets early for a truly unique sensory journey.

Delve deep into ancient tribal cultures and customs on a trek through Talle Valley. Explore the pristine Pangey, Talley, and Ziro Valleys, home to the Apatanis people, and witness their age-old traditions amidst stunning mountain vistas.

Find tranquility and be mesmerized by breathtaking sunsets overlooking the serene Dibang River in Roing. The lush green surroundings provide an unforgettable backdrop for this soul-soothing experience.

Pay homage at Sela Pass, perched at a breathtaking 13,700ft, honoring the brave Jaswant Singh Rawat, an Indian Army hero. Nearby, witness the captivating transformation of Sela Lake into a frozen wonderland during winter.

Capture timeless moments beside the Giant Shakyamuni Buddha in Tawang, set against the backdrop of a breathtaking valley. Don't miss the chance for awe-inspiring aerial views and captivating drone shots.

Embark on a mesmerizing drive to Bum La Pass, a gateway to the Tibet-India border in Tawang district. The journey unfolds with snow-capped peaks and enchanting lakes, making the road trip as thrilling as the destination.

Step into the rich Buddhist history of Tawang at the Tawang Monastery, the largest in India and second-largest globally. It's a celestial paradise that offers a unique glimpse into ancient traditions.

Test your rafting skills on the exhilarating Kameng River after the monsoon season. Reach the rafting spot by trekking through Kameng's stunning gorges, a four-day adventure. Brace yourself for Grade 4 and above rapids, a daring experience for true adventurers.