Founded in 2019 by NIFT Mumbai alums Zosangliani and Elizabeth Darsiempui, Ngoté reimagines Zo Puan into versatile apparel and accessories, showcased on their Instagram shop.

Ura Maku, by Manjushree Saikia, embraces Assamese elegance with simplicity, sharp cuts, and timeless dressing, inspired by skilled artisans she encountered on her journey.

Van Chhangte's Kuka Mizo empowers Mizoram's women, reimagining Zo Puan into genderless kimonos and shorts, available on Instagram and in Aizawl.

Easternlight Zimik's EAST envisions empowering Northern Manipur by making indigenous textiles a versatile fashion choice for the youth, breaking away from traditional formal wear.

Launched this year, Kintem, meaning 'Communities' in Ao-Naga Dialect, takes a fresh approach to traditional Naga textile designs, collaborating with weavers across Nagaland communities.

Ngoté, Ura Maku, Kuka Mizo, EAST, and Kintem form a dynamic tapestry, intertwining tradition and contemporary style—a celebration of Northeastern heritage reimagined for the modern fashion enthusiast. Each label is a thread in the cultural fabric, weaving stories of identity and empowerment.