Arunachal visit by Defence Minister strengthens border security for armed forces

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh embarked on a visit to the forward areas of Arunachal Pradesh, where he interacted with the valiant troops stationed in the region on the...

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh embarked on a visit to the forward areas of Arunachal Pradesh, where he interacted with the valiant troops stationed in the region on the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashmi. The visit was marked by the Defence Minister’s heartfelt greetings of Vijaya Dashmi to the dedicated jawans, expressing his strong desire to be among the brave soldiers of the country during this sacred occasion.

Singh, who had last visited the region four years ago, conveyed his deep appreciation for the courageous soldiers during his visit. He remarked on the formidable challenges they face in safeguarding the nation’s borders, emphasizing that the sacrifices and dedication of the troops were deserving of boundless admiration. He assured the soldiers that the entire nation was immensely proud of their service and recognised the significance of their uniforms.

The Defence Minister conducted a comprehensive on-ground assessment of the operational readiness of the armed forces in the region. In an official statement, he described Dussehra as a celebration of the triumph of good over evil and attributed the righteousness and dharma displayed by the armed forces personnel as a living embodiment of the festival’s ethos.

Addressing the troops, he underscored the imperative of enhancing the nation’s security apparatus in the current global context. He assured the troops that the government is committed to ensuring that major weapons and platforms are manufactured in India, further bolstering the country’s defense capabilities.


Singh extended his gratitude to the jawans for their unwavering commitment to keeping the nation secure. He acknowledged their vital role in elevating India’s reputation on the global stage and commended their contribution to the country’s economic development. The Defence Minister credited the leadership of Prime Minister Modi for the nation’s increasing stature and emphasised that without the troops’ dedication to border security, such progress would not have been possible.

He also touched upon his recent visit to Italy, where he visited the Montone memorial in Perugia province. The memorial honors the contribution of Naik Yaswant Ghadge and other Indian soldiers who fought in the Italian campaign during World War II. Singh noted that the memorial is a testament to the global recognition of the bravery of Indian soldiers, with both Indians and Italians paying their respects there.

As part of his visit, Singh also paid tribute at the Tawang War Memorial, honouring those who sacrificed their lives during the 1962 war. Additionally, he visited the 4 Corps Headquarters at Tezpur, where he received a briefing on infrastructure development along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and the implementation of cutting-edge military equipment and technology to enhance the troops’ operational efficiency in frontline deployments.

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