Joint show of force in Jiribam

On June 19, Assam Rifles, alongside state police and CAPFs, conducted a large-scale show of force in Jiribam District to quell unrest and promote peaceful coexistence, following tensions...

On June 19 in a resolute move to suppress unrest and restore confidence, the Assam Rifles, in collaboration with state police and CAPFs, organised a joint massive show of force across Jiribam District. More than 200 security personnel participated wherein the message of peaceful coexistence, confidence building measures, maintaining law and order and discouraging any support to inimical agents was spread.

Jiribam, has been largely unaffected since the outbreak of violence since May 2023, felt the ripples of June 6 when few people with vested interests, fueled the death incident of a local by giving it an ethnic angle. In response to escalating tensions, additional security forces were rushed to Jiribam and later requisitioned to restore law and order.

Joint Show of Force Assam Rifles and CAPF
Joint Show of Force in Jiribam

The joint operation involved coordinated movement of personnel from Jiri Circle to Leingangpoki, showcasing their presence and commitment to safeguarding civilians. Troops moved through sensitive areas, signalling strong message to any disruptive element present and deter free movement to armed cadres. The operation reflects the synergy between all the stakeholders, working day in and out to restore normalcy in Jiribam.

These coordinated measures by security forces in Jiribam District are accomplishing the diversified tasks and reminds the locals that peace requires collective effort, understanding, and unwavering commitment.

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