Army Chief Stresses Need For Strategic Deterrence Instruments Amid Border Challenges

On Wednesday, General Manoj Pande, the Army Chief, emphasised the importance of having strategic deterrence instruments as the Army remains involved in addressing the ongoing challenges related to unsettled borders, which have been a legacy issue.

General Manoj Pande addressed the topic of India’s territorial capabilities and technology requirements at the second edition of Def-Tech India, which was organized by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Vision Initiatives. He acknowledged that the military standoff between India and China at the disputed Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh has been ongoing for three years now, and highlighted the potential for wider conflict due to weaknesses in border management. General Pande stressed the importance of possessing strategic deterrence instruments, stating that counter insurgency operations should not diminish the Army’s readiness for conventional response.

According to him, conventional capabilities are shaped by various factors such as terrain, theatre, strategy of employment, and the adversary’s capabilities and intent.

He noted that the Army’s current inventory includes a balance of vintage and theatre-specific equipment. Additionally, General Pande emphasised the ongoing effort to integrate technology into the Army’s war fighting systems.

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