Changlang Dismantles Assam’s Illegal Boundary Pillar

On Friday last, the district administration (DA) of Changlang dismantled a boundary pillar that was erected illegally by Assam’s survey department within Bordumsa circle of Changlang district, according to ADC Oling Lego.

On 15th March, a complaint was received from the Bordumsa locality stating that Assam had erected a boundary pillar within Arunachal, and DA officers along with police went to the spot and dismantled the pillar. Lego expressed discontent with Assam’s action and stated that Assam had unilaterally erected a pillar 3 km inside Arunachal territory, despite no consensus being reached on boundary issues.

He also said that Assam should not engage in such activities without joint consultation, which is objectionable. Prior to the arrival of DA, Bordumsa locals had already uprooted two boundary pillars, Lego added. Furthermore, the ADC urged residents of the Assam-Arunachal boundary to maintain peace and cooperation to avoid any tension along the boundary areas.

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