Local committee rejects Arunachal-Assam boundary accord

The Local Development Demand Committee (LDDC) of Durpai village, situated in the Lower Siang district, has voiced its strong opposition to the agreement reached between the governments of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam regarding the resolution of their interstate boundary conflict.

According to a report, the committee stated, “The people from the affected villages vehemently reject the proposed land adjustments involving Durpai, Champak Chojo, and Sogum villages in Arunachal Pradesh, as well as Pasoni Camp, Kailaspur, Rasbongsi, Modonpur, and Jengrai villages in Assam.”

According to the committee, both states had consented to the land adjustments in these villages through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on April 20 this year. The MoU was aimed at settling the ongoing interstate boundary disputes between the two states concerning 123 villages, as presented before the local commission by the state government via Letter No HMB (B)-69/2006 Vol-I, dated December 26, 2007.

However, the LDDC expressed its strong disapproval of the decision to “group Durpai, Champak Chojo, and Sogum villages into a loop with New Mingmang village, which would be attributed to Arunachal Pradesh.”

The committee’s General Secretary, Regi Bui, explained, “It was mutually agreed by the respective chief ministers that Durpai, Champak Chojo, and Sogum villages, located more than 3 kilometers within Assam’s boundary, would be combined in a loop with New Mingmang village. The compensatory land within this loop would be exchanged with an uninhabited area from Arunachal Pradesh. The specifics of this land exchange are expected to be finalized by the Arunachal Pradesh government within six months. We firmly oppose this decision and refuse to accept the terms of the MoU.”

Bui also issued a warning that the villagers would obstruct any attempt by the regional committee to enter the three villages. He asserted, “We will not relinquish our ancestral land. Our forefathers have resided here for generations. If the regional committee members arrive, we will be compelled to drive them away.”

The LDDC has communicated its dissent to the chief minister, articulating its disagreement with the MoU inked between the two states.

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