Myanmar’s Military Regime To Issue Gun License to ‘Loyal’ Civilians

Myanmar’s military regime is reportedly issuing licences to carry weapons to civilians who are considered as “loyal to the state”. The licenses would allow citizens over 18 years of age to carry different types of guns and ammunition, and public servants and retired military personnel would also be permitted to keep weapons.

The leaked 15-page document from the home ministry outlines the requirements for gun ownership.

As per the leaked document, individuals who receive gun licenses must have a good moral character and be considered loyal to the nation, and they should not be associated with activities that could disrupt state security. The permit holders are obligated to participate in activities related to maintaining law and order and preserving stability, as well as assisting in crime prevention measures if instructed by local authorities.

The seizure of power by Myanmar’s military in February 2021 has created a crisis in the country, which has been referred to as a civil war by some United Nations experts. Since then, armed resistance groups have emerged in various regions of the country, and in some cases, these groups have cooperated with ethnic armed organizations that have been battling the military for many years. Additionally, pro-military militias with unclear motives have also surfaced.

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