Protest in New Delhi against RPC cancellation for Chakma-Hajong Communities

The controversy over the cancellation of Residential Proof Certificates (RPC) for the Chakma and Hajong communities in Arunachal Pradesh escalated as hundreds of students and youths from these communities participated in a protest rally in Mizoram. The demonstration also saw participation from the general public showing support for the cause. The organizers of the protest have announced that it will continue until the Arunachal government addresses the matter with representatives of the Chakma and Hajong communities. The protest was organized by various organizations including the All India Chakma Students’ Union, Mizoram Chakma Students’ Union, Young Chakma Association, Chakma Mahila Samiti, and Chakma National Council of India. This follows an earlier protest held on January 8th by members of the Chakma-Hajong community in New Delhi, demanding the restoration of their Residential Proof Certificates, which had been withdrawn by the Arunachal government last year.

The Chakma and Hajong communities held a large protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, where hundreds of members of the community gathered to voice their opposition to the cancellation of Residential Proof Certificates (RPCs). The protestors also called for the immediate restoration of their RPCs and accused the government of neglecting their community. The protest was attended by more than 20,000 people from the Chakma-Hajong communities from across the state, including students, representatives of community-based organizations, NGOs, and members of the general public. Additionally, members of neighbouring communities also showed their support for the movement. The protest was an extension of previous movements, which began on December 23rd, 2022, in the form of a non-cooperation movement, where public offices were deserted and schools were left without students.

Source: India Today

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