ULFA(I) claims drone attack on Myanmar camp, alleges Indian Army involvement

In a press statement issued on January 8, the United Liberation Front of Assam (Independent), or ULFA(I), asserted that their Myanmar camp was targeted in a drone attack, pointing fingers at the Indian Army for the alleged assault in the early hours of the morning.

As per available reports, ULFA(I), led by Paresh Baruah, the commander-in-chief of ULFA(I), alleges that the Indian Army executed the drone attacks, and the drones reportedly originating from the border area of Arunachal Pradesh. While the first two drones exploded, the third failed to detonate. Two ULFA members sustained injuries during the incident.

In the reported drone attack on a camp in Myanmar, the targeted facility is identified as one among several bases that facilitate cross-border operations into India. These camps play a pivotal role as shelters and training grounds for new recruits, bolstering the operational capabilities of ULFA in the region. Paresh Baruah, has consistently resisted engaging in peace talks with the Indian government, maintaining a steadfast stance despite other factions within the group participating in dialogue. The group’s resilience is partly credited to external support, fostering connections with insurgent entities in both the Northeast and Myanmar.

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The ongoing tense situation in Assam and its surrounding regions is marked by the Indian government’s persistent efforts to engage with insurgent groups through peace accords.

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