Arrest of KCNF Captain Sparks Internal Clashes, Death in Mizoram

In an unexpected turn of events, the recent arrest of the Kuki Chin National Front (KCNF) self-styled captain, Gospel Bawm, by the Assam Rifles has led to internal clashes within the extremist outfit.

The outfit has been thrown into disarray following the discovery of a dead body near Drawnamawtlang bridge in Lawngtlai district, Mizoram, on March 18.

On March 17, the Assam Rifles apprehended both Pasen Bawm and Gospel Bawm from Bungtlang at 12:30 AM, with Pasen being released the following morning and Gospel remaining in custody. It is believed that Pasen was killed on the orders of KCNF commander Nathan and Vanchung, who suspected him of aiding the Assam Rifles in capturing Gospel.

Reports suggest that Nathan may have hired a mercenary killer or one of his cadres to carry out the act. Police are on the lookout for the killers, who are believed to have taken refuge in the forest near Parva.

The KCNF has been on the run recently, as the Bangladesh army and Rapid Action Bangladesh launched a military operation in and around the Bandarban district, with the Arakan Army also believed to be involved. The deceased’s father is expected to file a murder case against Nathan, Vanchung, and others involved in the killing of Pasen Bawm.

Image provided by special arrangement
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