Indo-myanmar friendship gate

Assam Rifles partners with local authorities to conduct ‘Friendship Medical Camp’ along India-Myanmar Border

At Pangsau Pass along the India-Myanmar border, a “friendship medical camp” was orchestrated on Wednesday by Assam Rifles, in conjunction with the local administration of Arunachal Pradesh.

This initiative aimed to provide assistance to the underprivileged residents from the Pangsau and Arakan Gut regions of Myanmar’s Sagaing area.

The core objective of this initiative transcended medical care, seeking to impart crucial knowledge concerning diverse topics. These encompassed guidelines to shield against bacterial and viral ailments, along with highlighting the significance of embracing hygiene and sanitation to foster a robust and wholesome lifestyle. The event underscored the collaborative spirit between the two nations.

The official communication released in relation to the camp underlined the inclusive nature of the endeavor. A comprehensive total of 356 civilians, representing various facets of life and originating from the villages of Myanmar’s Sagaing region, were beneficiaries of the initiative. Among them were 146 men, 137 women, and 73 children, each receiving cost-free medical treatment and medications, courteously administered by the Assam Rifles team and local administration.

Furthermore, the attendees were provided with essential supplies and refreshments, enhancing the comprehensive support offered during the friendship medical camp.

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