Borbhag Cup Golf Tournament to be held at 4 Corps Army course in Tezpur

The Borbhag Cup, a golf tournament organised by the Borbhag Foundation, will be held at the 4 Corps Army Golf Course in Tezpur, India on January 8th, 2023. This is the second edition of the event and marks the first time that the army has opened their golf course for a civilian tournament. The goal of the Borbhag Cup is to increase the popularity of golf among the youth in the region, as it is now an Olympic sport.

Aniruch Goswami, the founder of the Borbhag Group stated that the Borbhag Cup aims to empower communities through the platform of golf and create opportunities for youth, particularly in the Northeast states of India. “Working with special attention to states of Northeast India and creating opportunities for youth, we continue to drive our vision of connecting the globe to the districts of India and the districts to the globe,”he added. The organisation’s vision is to connect global and local communities through the sport.

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