Fresh attack on Kuki villages leaves 3 dead, 2 injured

Fresh attack on Kuki villages leaves 3 dead, 2 injured

In a fresh wave of attack early Friday morning Kuki villages of Khoken and S Saheibung were stormed by Meitei armed groups. According to unofficial reports three innocent unarmed individuals which includes a 75-year old lady were killed, while two others have sustained injuries. Khoken Kuki-Zo village lies on the boundary between Kangpokpi District and Imphal West district.

At approximately 4:00 AM, a group of armed men from the Meitei valley, donning military attire and driving military vehicles, infiltrated Khoken Kuki-Zo village.  Initially mistaken for security force personnel conducting routine combing operations, the villagers complied by evacuating the area. However, the attackers, disguised in military garb, launched a sudden attack as a result, three individuals were killed, out of which one was female, and two others were injured.

The confirmed casualties of the attack include two injured individuals, Pa Thongneh and Pa Thangkhojang, as well as two deceased victims, village elder Pu Khaimang Guite, church leader Pa Jangpao Touthang, and Pi Domkhohoi, who was shot dead inside the church.

Dr. Lamtingthang Haokip of the YouthForChange claimed in a tweet that Pi Domkhohoi Haokip, aged 75, of Khoken village, was shot dead by armed men while she was fervently praying inside the church, accompanied by two other civilians. Her late husband is an Ex-Serviceman.

While there are no reports any role of the Manipur police in preventing the incident, the Assam Rifles and personnel from the General Reserve (GR) must be commended for rushing to the spot. Commander of 10 Assam Rifles has reportedly rushed to the spot to prevent further loss of innocent lives and destruction of property.

Security personnel engaged in a firefight with the Meitei armed group effectively safeguarding the lives of women and children present in the area. Army officials have confirmed the attack on the villages and have pledged to take stern action against those who misuse army garbs.

As the village has now been secured, a search operation is underway for several missing villagers. The authorities anticipate that the number of casualties may increase as the search progresses.


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