Naga Army denounces viral video alleging arms dealing involvement

In response to a viral video that surfaced recently, appearing to show a member of the Naga Army involved in arms selling activities, the Public Information Bureau (PIB) of the Naga Army has clarified to address the matter comprehensively, in a statement issued on Friday, August 18.

The video features an individual named. H. Khosiivei Lovingson Roah, identified as hailing from Sirong village in the Spmth region.

The video made claims that 15 skilled fighters from NSCN(IM) were en route to Manipur to support the Meiteis in their conflict against the Kukis. The video in question, purports that arms were supplied to Meitei militants of the People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) group.

This follows a series of violent incidents that transpired on May 3 during a demonstration opposing the Meiteis’ bid for Scheduled Tribes (ST) status, subsequently leading to demands from the Kuki-Zo-Chin tribes for a distinct administration.

According to the statement released by the PIB, Mr. Roah joined the National service on October 12, 2022 and completed his basic military training earlier this year. He currently holds the rank of a private and is stationed at the Thungbo Brigade of the Naga Army.

However, discrepancies arise with regards to Mr. Roah’s alleged involvement in arms dealings. On August 7, 2023, he was granted medical leave due to an ear infection and was sent to Dimapur. Since then, he has been reported missing. The Naga Army’s Commander, as stated in the release, labeled him as a “habitual liar and of doubtful integrity – a combination of character unbecoming of a soldier.”

Furthermore, evidence indicates that Mr. Roah was never assigned to serve under the command of Maj. Gen. Elijah Khamrang, contrary to his claims. The PIB of the Naga Army asserted that the circulated video is a meticulously planned and scripted production orchestrated by malicious elements with intentions to fuel chaos and tarnish the image of the Naga Army.

The PIB of the Naga Army dismissed the viral video as a “cheap propaganda stunt of the adversary pure and simple,” underscoring the allegations as baseless and malicious .

“The Video clip is an evidently pre-planned and scripted production of some mischievous agency aiming at furthering the mayhem and also paint the NSCN in the bad light,” the statement read.

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