Over 212 Meitei citizens return home after seeking refuge across Myanmar border

Over 212 Indian citizens hailing from the Meitei community, who had sought refuge across the Myanmar border following the unsettling unrest in Moreh town of Manipur on May 3, have now been successfully repatriated to Indian soil.

The homecoming was made possible by the efforts of the Indian Army, particularly the Assam Rifles, who orchestrated the safe return of the individuals. According to reports, teams from the Indian Army, led by commandants of the Assam Rifles and Gorkha Regiment, welcomed and received the returning individuals at the border gates.

The rescue mission was executed through the endeavors of the Assam Rifles, working in close coordination with the Civil Administration and Police.

The collaborative efforts ensured the successful return of the 212 individuals, among them 89 women and 37 children, from Myanmar to the Moreh Camp of Assam Rifles in Manipur. In addition to securing their return, the authorities have also provided necessary administrative support, including shelter, food, and medical care to those in need.

Expressing his appreciation, Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh extended a shoutout to the Indian Army for bringing back the fellow citizens to safety, on Friday.

He expressed sincere gratitude towards the pivotal figures in this operation, including the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of Eastern Command, Lt. Gen. RP Kalita, GOC of 3 Corp, Lt. Gen. HS Sahi, and the Commanding Officer (CO) of 5 Assam Rifles, Col. Rahul Jain, for their service in ensuring the safe repatriation of the citizens.

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