STF Operation cracks down on illegal Rohingya immigrants; 8 touts apprehended

The Special Task Force (STF) of Assam, under the directive of the Chief Minister, initiated an extensive operation against linkmen and touts facilitating illegal entry of Rohingya immigrants into Indian territory.

The operation, conducted in various bordering districts of Tripura, was in response to STF case No. 01/2023, involving multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code and Passport Act.

During the operation, the STF discovered hideout places of the suspected touts, who were found to be engaged in the illicit business of transporting Rohingyas into India from Bangladesh using forged documents. These touts facilitated the Rohingyas’ illegal entry into India by presenting them as Indian citizens, posing a significant threat to national security.

Furthermore, these touts were involved in assisting illegal Rohingya immigrants in boarding trains bound for Delhi from Kumarghat Railway Station in Tripura. The STF also found evidence of Rohingyas boarding trains to Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore from Dharmanagar, Kumarghat (Tripura), and Badarpur (Assam) using fake identities and documents.

As a result of their successful operation, the STF apprehended eight touts, including Uttam Pal, Kajal Sarkar, Sagar Sarkar, Pervez Hussain (also known as Abdul Hussain), Md. Shaahadat (also known as Sahadat SK), Shib Sankar Ghosh (also known as Boto), Kartik Nama, and Bijoy Barua, a Bangladeshi tout from Chittagong.

Further investigations are ongoing to dismantle the illegal network of touts involved in these anti-India activities. According to sources, the STF plans to carry out subsequent operations in other parts of the country based on the information gathered so far.

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