Tirap District Administration Destroys 27.5 acres of Illegal Poppy Fields

On Friday, the Tirap district administration, together with the police and tax & excise department officials, took action to destroy 27.5 acres of illegal poppy fields in Tirap district.

According to SP Kardak Riba, the drive was necessary due to the continued involvement of some villagers in illegal poppy cultivation, despite multiple awareness campaigns that had previously been conducted in the Lazu circle.

As per a report, the SP highlighted that apart from poppy plants, the manufacturing of extremely addictive brown sugar and heroin is a major concern, as it may have a catastrophic effect on the society, specifically the youth.

Lazu EAC DK Thungdok, who led the operation, highlighted that numerous awareness campaigns regarding the drug menace had already been carried out in the Lazu area. Furthermore, he noted that the farming community in the Lazu circle had strongly urged the government to provide alternative crops to replace opium cultivation.

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