Myanmar rebels launch attack on military junta along India-Myanmar border

Big gains for the PDF and Burmese rebels-  A combined force of Peoples’ Defence Force (PDF) along with Chin National Army (CNA) launched a decisive attack on Myanmar...

 A combined force of Peoples’ Defence Force (PDF) along with Chin National Army (CNA) launched a decisive attack on Myanmar military camps situated along Rikhawdar and Khawmawi in the Chin hills of Myanmar. The attack was launched after midnight on November 13 and continued throughout the night and into the morning.

According to sources in Champai, loud explosions could be heard in the bordering villages and townships. Rikhawdar and Khawmawi are located about seven kms from the India-Myanmar border in southern Mizoram’s Champhai district.

The operations by the PDF and CNA combine is said to have taken over both the junta military bases. While the PDF units were mostly from Mindat and Matupi in the Chin State, the CNA cadres which joined in the attack are from the Victoria camp.

The Myanmar military junta is said to have retaliated with ariel bombings using three of its fighter jets to bomb the PDF and CNA men located at Rikhawdar. The junta also used attack helicopters to attack the PDF-CNA forces in Khawmawi. So far as many three CNA cadres and a civilian are reported to have killed besides injuries to many. A number of the injured were brought to the Champhai civil hospital in Mizoram which is located about six kms from the international border.

The PDF has upped its ante and has been launching severe attacks on the Myanmar military. Only recently, the PDF achieved massive success in the Sagaing region when it captured  the towns of Pinlebu, Khampat and Kawlin in Sagaing Region. These success of the PDf comes alongside a fierce attack launched by the Brotherhood Alliance in northern Shan state against the Myanmar military junta.

The Brotherhood Alliance which comprises of the Arakan Army, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army has taken control of important towns on key trade routes with China. In its recent attacks codenamed “operation 127” beginning Octoober 27, the alliance has continued to gain ground and has taken control of more military posts, seizing weapons and military equipment. The military has responded by sending in fighter jets to bomb the area.

The DVB reported that the military-installed acting President Myint Swe has said that the offensive by anti-coup resistance forces may fracture the country if it is not contained. He made these remarks during the National Defense and Security Council meeting in Naypyidaw on Nov. 8.

The DVB report further reported that so far the Brotherhood Alliance has seized around 150 military outposts in northern Burma. Since Nov. 6, towns in Sagaing Region and military outposts in Karenni States have come under the control of resistance forces.

The Brotherhood Alliance announced that it will soon join forces with others fighting the military across the country. Its stated aim is to end dictatorship and cyber scams along the China-Burma border.

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